Bianca Coronado

Rebellious Daughter of the Coronado Family


[I will not be my Father’s daughter]
[I must protect my little sister Beth]
[I have a sex-crazed monster in me]
[Killer looks and a keen mind]
[In Love with Matthew Ward]

Bianca had always been hesitant about sex when she was little. She had been beautiful and rich and thus she was desired since she turned 16 but she held herself back. she had lived a charmed and easy life, even if her father was cold, distant and wrapped up in some sort of feud with another relative in their little resort town.

Bianca had gotten glimpses of things she knew her father didn’t particularly want her to see or know about, like how Her father was a lecherous man who slept with many women who then left, never to be seen again. How he supplied his guest with prostitutes despite it being illegal. Her exposure to it made her wary of it, as did the Warning from her realtive that she shouldn’t have sex with anyone unless they really loved her and she was sure he loved her.

That was the main reason why she was so hesitant to actually do the deed with her boyfriend. She knew she cared about his and was pretty sure he loved her, he had waited nearly a year with only kissing. She just wasn’t sure how she felt about the boy, I mean he was nice but, was he really the one? How did she even know what love was. Eventually she gave in and decided to give in and be with him, all their friends had done it, what was the worst that could happen?

Of course Sex-ed never taught what you should do when you wake up next to the body of your boyfriend who you had accidentally killed via coitus. Bianca was traumatized. She was scared she was going to be arrested. She was packing to run away when her father’s men showed up to take her to see her father. She was expecting to have to defend herself for what had apparently happened last night, expecting to have to defend herself against and Irate businessman who would have to explain how his daughter was a murderer. Instead her father was happy to welcome her to the family and explain that she was now a full blooded White Court Vampire. She would forever be part of the family. Her confusion became outrage. Her father had KNOWN all along this would happen and hadn’t told her. She screamed, she yelled, she cried. She tried to attack him but he moved faster than she had ever seen anyone ever move before, he was stronger too and his skin had grown paler and his eyes were black pools. As he held her, he told her what the rest of her life would be like. She would be a good and dutiful daughter, date influential people and influence them for him. She would serve in the brothels and to high paying clientele to feed.

Bianca was horrified but her father was stronger than her. If Bianca ever hoped to get rid of Daddy dearest she would either have to become a monster who killed as much as she now realized he did, or find some others with great power to oppose him.

It was several months later that Bianca was making an appearance at a party her father was throwing the ballroom of his flagship Hotel, Coronado Towers, when a scraggly looking boy about her age tried to hit on her. She knew he didn’t belong in the scene and therefore assumed he was one of the parade of individuals her father had been directing towards her to get her hooks into so she could twist him to her will. She wanted nothing to do with her family or her powers, and she didn’t want to do her Dad’s bidding. Despite her unsubtle insisting that she be left alone the boy didn’t relent… She was waiting for him to tell her, like all the others did that “Her father had insisted that she was eager to meet him” She was debating perhaps just feeding from him when he said that and killing him. maybe that would put a damper on her father’s plans, her sending the influential people home in body bags.

She was surprised however when security came over and asked if she was being bothered. Apparently the boy had snuck in and was not a pawn of her fathers. So she claimed him as he guest, after all if she had someone there are a buffer she wouldn’t have to deal with whatever people her father had lined up for her. She kept him with her all through the night and brought him up the her suite. She wasn’t going to sleep with him, as he assumed she was, she didn’t want to wake up to another dead body.

Sure this boy was smug and more than a little arrogant, but all the others were as well. They were also conceited, where he the boy who obviously came from a poor family was not. He was different and she thought that she might be able to stand him and use him as a prop to help her fend off her father’s plans. She couldn’t date any influential pawns if she was dating a nobody street urchin.

The next morning, she put on a show for her guest pretending showing how enamoured he was with her and how she fawned over him and inflating his ego. She could almost see the gears turning in the boys head on how he was going to try to take advantage of the situation with her ”infatuation” with him, thinking HE was the one manipulating HER into doing this. She tried not to think about how much manipulation tactics she actually had picked up and told herself that it didn’t mean she was her father, she she still was nagged by the still small voice inside her, especially when she used her powers to make him more attracted to her so he definitely would play along with being her Girlfriend and going to breakfast with her father and family.

The family breakfast was interesting with her father giving her nasty glares as she introduced her “boyfriend” in front of her father’s guests. It was an embarrassment to him but her father saved face. Bianca considered it a victory but she also felt Hungry, unlike she ever had felt hungry before. She hadn’t expected that desire to feed from everyone, especially the eager boy next to her. After the meal was over and they retired to her room Bianca was forced to drop the seduction act to keep from devouring him. Of course this confusing her new fake “boyfriend”. He didn’t want to stop, but she wasn’t about to let another guy talk her into killing him. She also didn’t want to undo all the work she had done by sending him away. So they fought and bickered and argued until they ended up truly meeting eyes for the first time as they stared each other down and something happened. Bianca connected with him. She saw who this boy was, what he was capable of being. She saw that he had power, strong power and he was growing stronger. She also saw he was protective. How growing up poor had affected him, how much he loved his family and would do anything for anyone he cared about. How he was a good person. Their souls were connecting. In the truest sense of the word they were soul mates now. Then the moment was over and they were shocked looking back each other, both dumbfounded by the occurrence. The boy… his name was Matthew, he wasn’t just the boy she just met anymore… was looking at her like he knew what she was and what she had done. She felt naked in front of him. Then he walked to her and he kissed her. Bianca lost control and she felt herself feed on him as they kissed. Only this time she didn’t kill him, she managed to stop herself. Matthew looked a little less vital than he had a moment ago but Bianca’s hunger was gone and Matthew wasn’t scared, Matthew was smiling and he kissed her again. Bianca pressed herself into his chest. Now she knew that love felt like… of course… it was too late to keep her from becoming the monster she now was.

Bianca Coronado

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