The Desoto Family

The Desoto History

The family is of Spanish descent, though the bloodline has been severely watered down through the years. They are proud to trace their roots all the way back to Conquistador Hernando de Soto, who was Spanish nobility.

They are devoutly Catholic out of consideration to the requirements of the Order of Santiago, of which Hernando was a member, though next to nobody in the family remembers that this is the reason why.

Aside from being devoutly Catholic, The Desoto family runs and operates the Panther Velley Ranch as well as the Oaklawn Racetrack.

While the Desoto family is a family of Shapeshifters, theirs is an interesting tale harkening back to their ancestor Hernando de Soto. Hernando had been well known as an excellent horseman, fighter, and tactician, but was notorious for his brutality. Among his many conquests were battles against the Inca empire. He managed to claim much treasure of gold and silver from the Inca, as well as a curse.

He was cursed to be the beast without that he was within.

The curse took effect on de Soto, causing him to transform into a wolf at the most inopportune of times. While the curse was not that of the Loup Garou, de Soto considered it worse. He found himself fully aware of what went on around him, and was unable to communicate with his family or troops. de Soto eventually managed to gain control over the curse, thanks to a Native American shaman that he met when conquering and claiming the Hot Springs area for Spain. He was never able to completely remove the curse, but instead he learned to turn it to his advantage.

Over the years, as the bloodline thinned, the curse seemed to die out. It would resurface occasionally in the family line, manifesting as the ability to shapeshift into an animal. Some claim that the curse is naught but a silly rumor, and that this is an ability that some are simply lucky to be born with. The Desoto family believes in the curse however, and anyone who shows signs of the curse resurfacing is sent to Hot Springs to live and work with “The Pack”.

Some members of the Desoto pack have shown the ability to transform into creatures other than a wolf, and again the family claims it is the curse forcing them to be the beast without that they were within. Still, members of the supernatural community insist that it is simply a learned skill and that the curse is nonsense.

Present Day Workings

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The Desoto Family

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