Practical Applications of Magic

Spellcasting in DFRPG can be very creative, and often time consuming. Listed here, you will find tips and tricks for quick spellcasting. We will look at the practical application of spells, Vs. the creative application of spells.

Even if you are not a spellcaster right now, I know that every player in this group intends to have at least some minor form of spellcasting at some point. So please feel free to edit this page with your own spellcasting ideas and tips.

Key things to remember when casting an evocation

  • Evocations (elemental) require line of sight to affect an area or a person.
  • Rote spells do not require a roll to control the magic, only to hit.
  • Rote spells operate the same every time. If you have an item that enhances a rote spell, then that spell does not work without that item.
  • Choose your desired power level before you roll (Conviction) to control it.
  • If you want more power than you roll for, you can take additional levels of mental stress for every shift higher than your Conviction stat.
  • Your Discipline roll must meet or exceed your conviction roll to control the spell, and to hit with it.
  • If you fail your discipline roll, you can take Mental OR Physical stress to control it, along with consequences.
  • Fallout and Backlash only cause damage equal to the difference between your failed discipline roll and the gathered power.
  • You can redirect your spells energy as long as the spell has been maintained from a previous exchange into the current one, and the spell must not have been used already for it’s original function in the current exchange, and you must be able to describe how the energy could be redirected. You can then use the current power value of the spell to act as a different kind of spell. If the new application of the spell requires a roll for targeting, you may roll discipline. This would immediately cancel out the previous effect of the spell.

Key things to remember about Thaumaturgy

  • Thaumaturgy is slow magic that requires time, preparation, and materials.
  • Thaumaturgy is heavily reliant on symbols in order to affect a target at great range.
  • If the complexity of the desired spell is equal to or less than your lore, assume you have everything you need to cast the spell and you require no additional effort for preparation.
  • OW262 lists how to do it and what you can do with it.

Practical Applications of Magic

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