Kyandra Vasquez

Werewolf Cousin of the Desoto Family



Human Skills

Superb +5
Great +4 Athletics Stealth
Good +3 Endurance Alertness Survival
Fair +2 Conviction discipline empathy guns
Average +1 Intimidation Driving fists investigation Presence

Werewolf Skills

Superb +5
Great +4 Athletics Stealth
Good +3 Endurance Alertness Survival
Fair +2 Fists discipline empathy Might
Average +1 Presence Intimidation Conviction investigation lore

Black wolf

High Concept

Werewolf Cousin of the Desoto Family


Family Matters

Other Aspects

Eyes Wide Open
Loyal to a Fault
Killing should never be the answer
Wary of Magical Hoo-doo
Bite first, ask questions later

Stunts and Powers

-1 Beast Change – Black Wolf
-1 Echoes of the Beast ( Keen sense of smell and hearing grant Alertness or Investigation +1)
+1 Human Form Affecting..
-2 Inhuman Strength
-2 Inhuman Speed

Base Refresh 8
Adjusted Refresh 3

Still tweaking things..


My family hates my mom. Well, maybe ‘hate’ is a bit strong. They seriously dislike her and barely count her as family. Why? Because when she was seventeen she met my dad and my grandparents disapproved of him. He had just got out of juvie when he met my mom. By 19 they had eloped, and a few months after the wedding, I was born. Don’t worry, they have other reasons to dislike her. Did I mention she was an Atheist? My family is so very Catholic. Also, she never had the family ‘curse’ manifest for her.

My dad died when I was 10. Crane accident at work. Re-bar. Fifth Floor. I don’t need to get too graphic do I? The funeral was closed casket. I honestly don’t remember as much about him as I would like. He worked a lot of late hours doing construction. Sometimes he had to in order to work around the flow of traffic on some sites. He’d go in early a lot too, so he’d be gone already when I got up for school. Still. He was my dad and the few memories I have, I cherish.

My grandparents didn’t have much to do with my mom and I even after my dad was out of the picture, so we were pretty shocked when they called up a couple weeks before my Quinceanera and informed us that they wanted to host it. I guess it’s because they have less reasons to dislike me? I’m only Agnostic, and I didn’t run away from home to marry a guy fresh out of juvie. Still, I am my mother’s daughter, so I guess I have to bear the dislike based on principles alone. Or something. I try not to worry about it.

My cousins rock! Well, four of my cousins rock. The rest are stuck up, rude, selfish, cretins. Rachel, Oscar, Carlos, and Karla. Get it? I know. I make myself laugh way too easy. So, since getting fitted for a dress to be made from scratch takes a while, I got to spend a good two weeks with them just kicking around the estate or the ranch. I learned to ride horseback, shoot a gun, and change into a werewolf all in two weeks time. Impressive right? Shooting was so tricky! And I must have fallen off of that horse twenty times in the first week. But the werewolf thing? I’m a natural. Oscar and Karla say that’s because it’s a curse. I don’t have a choice. Rachel insists the curse is just a bunch of bullshit that our parents made up. Im not sure. If it was really a curse, wouldn’t my mom have been affected? And wouldn’t I have noticed it way earlier in life?

After spending three weeks at my grandparents house, saying goodby to my R.O.C.Kin’ cousins was a heartbreaking thought. I hadn’t ever had many close friends.. but with them, there was just this tight bond that happened so easily and so fast. I didn’t want to go back. It took a lot of begging and pleading, but we finally worked it out. I could stay with aunt Elizabeth and cousin Rachel. Mom was having some money issues anyway, and one less person to feed or worry about would make things easier on her. And besides.. I could go home to visit any time I liked. As soon as I got my learners permit. She only lived 40 minutes away in Benton.

Im a bad daughter. I can never find the time to go visit my Mom. Every time I try, something happens. The car breaks down. I have a pop quiz. I have to work an extra shift. I have to help out with stuff for the family.. or.. keep my family from doing some stupid ass bullshit like killing a guy just because he works for a family they don’t like. Honest to Maybe-God. They had drug this poor bastard out to the hunting lodge and wanted to turn him loose and hunt him down. Like, we all get furry and chase him down. Oh, did I forget to mention? The majority of my family here can turn into wolves. It’s pretty sweet. Anyway, with the guy, they were all like “Oh hey, there’s a river somewhere out there on the edge of our property. If you can cross the river, we’ll let you live.” Luckily I have a friend on the police force. If I could find some way to direct the guy to where officer Fowler was waiting, then he was going to get him to safety. I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I had intended to try. I’d managed to get the guy partway to the rendezvous, when a couple of my family started to close in on us. Luckily for me, some wizard had decided to help the guy also, and managed to take care of them before they found us. He was going to hit me with whatever spell got them also, but luckily the mortal spoke up and explained what was going on. Together, the two of us helped get him to the meeting place so Fowler could get him to safety. Matthew, the wizard turned out to be a pretty cool guy, and we managed to save the mortal, so yay us, right?

It’s just lucky that I had Fowler to count on otherwise the rest of the pack would have overrun us for sure. Fowler is a good guy also. If you were to judge him based on his family, you probably wouldn’t want to be caught hanging around with him. His family is no good. Slum lords. Drug dens. Petty theft. Not so petty theft. Assault. Murder. I can’t really throw stones on the whole murder thing, I mean look what my family tried to do. It’s one thing when they do that to monsters to make an example out of them when they prey on mortals too much, but to run down a human like that? Someone must have shit in their cheerios that morning. So yeah. Fowler is a good guy. I met him when the R.O.C.K group and I were hanging out around the abandoned housing track one day. He was getting the piss beat out of him by some thugs. I didn’t really stop and think about it. Ten on one just isn’t fair, you know? I was the first to jump in and help, and my cousins did also after some hesitation. Turns out Fowler had been trying to rescue some girl. I never did find out much about her.. I helped him to get her to where she needed to be, and then went to meet up with my cousins to tend to cuts and bruises. Turned out the girl didn’t survive though. I wish I had stayed. If I had stayed, maybe things would have ended differently? Or maybe I’d be dead too.

That kind of set a pattern for me though.. If I could be of use helping someone, I really felt like I ought to offer that help. My mom had always raised me to be a good person and to be kind to others, as well as to value family. It was hard for me sometimes. My family does a lot of stuff that I am ashamed of, but they also do a lot of good. I call in to the police hotline to tip them off about some of the stuff, like when it involves a mortal or something. But monster stuff can’t go through the cops. That’s why when Matthew asked me to help him out, I didn’t say no. His friend Isaiah had his mind wiped recently by some wizard who was pushing mind altering drugs on the street. I don’t know jack shit about magic, but I knew a bad idea when I heard one. The guy had to be stopped. I would like to say I played some pivotal, important role, but truth be told.. I didn’t. I helped find the guy. I helped beat up some thugs. Isiah and Matthew took care of the hard part. In the end, the guy was no longer a threat, and that is fine by me. Even better is that they managed to do it without killing him!

Kyandra Vasquez

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