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Themes The main themes that will arise in our game.


The Slums
The Backwoods
Magic Springs
Belvedere Country Club
Lake Ouachita
Bathhouse Row
Summer’s Pot Farm
Fowler Family “Estate”
Ghoul Territory
Balboa Barristers and Loans


Desoto – A family of Catholic shapeshifters who manage a lumber yard, hunting lodge and the Oaklawn racetrack.
Cortez – Red Court Vampires (Add info to their page)
Coronado – White Court Vampires (Add info to their page)
Lago – ??? (Add info to their page)
Balboa – Mortal Family (Add info to their page)
Fowler – A family of low rent organized crime ogres.
Night Wolves – A werewolf motorcycle gang (Add info to their page)


Practical Applications of Magic
Evocation or Channeling
Thaumaturgy or Ritual
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Main Page

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